30 July 2007

Phil Spector trial

I see that Vanity Fair has a story by Dominick Dunne on the Spector/Clarkson trial this month.

Dunne says that Bruce Cutler, the New York lawyer best known for defending John Gotti, is a fine trial lawyer who is "having a difficult time of it in a city not his own. The tough-guy act that charms New York is laying an egg here. I have never seen a hotshot New York lawyer score big in a Los Angeles courtroom. There's a sentiment."

In cross-examining some of the prosecution's witnesses, Cutler struck the wrong note. He's used to "cross-examining thugs and murderers in a manner that doesn't go over well when nice ladies who claim to have had fearsome experiences with Phil Spector are on the stand."

Apparently, Cutler has lately been sidelined by the rest of the defense team.

Keeping track of such things represents cheap entertainment, I know. But I'd like to believe that the California courts are capable of convicting SOME celebrity murderer.

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