14 April 2012


Let's leave the free will controversy to the side and think about Marrakesh, Morocco.

My 2012 appointment book from American Express devotes the whole of April to the celebration of  Marrakesh as a wonderful vacation spot, where you can spend American Express traveller's checks enjoyably.

I've learned the following from perusing these pages:

1. The Majorelle Garden, a "treasured Marrakesh haven," was created in the 1920s by Jacques Majorelle back in the 1920s. Majorelle included a "bright blue studio" on these grounds, see above -- that structure is nowadays a museum of Islamic art.

2.   A traditional public bathhouse, known as a "hammam" offers a scrub-and-massage, which our friends at Amex recommend as "sure cure for souk fatigue."

3. UNESCO made the Merrakesh medina a World Heritage site in 1985.

That'll do for couch-bound tourism for today, eh?

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