07 April 2012

Fermat's Last Tango

Last week, here, I provided a few lyrics from one of the songs in the musical, "Fermat's Last Tango."

Today, as a bit of a break from our heavy-duty discussion of free will in moral philosophy, I offer a bit more information.

The only performer in the cast who seems to have had a prior theatrical reputation was Christianne Tisdale (whom you see to the left of these words, if I've done this right.) Ms Tisdale plays Euclid in the AfterMath scenes - she also plays one of the nameless reporters who quiz Daniel Keane [aka Andrew Wiles] about his accomplishment at the beginning and end of the show.

Tisdale made her Broadway debut six years before the making of Fermat's Last Tango. She played the lead, Belle, in the stage version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

The rest of the cast list? There was Gilles Chiasson (Carl Friedrich Gauss/Reporter), Edwardyne Cowan (Anna Keane, supportive/suffering spouse), Mitchell Kantor (Pythagoras/Reporter), Jonathan Rabb (a wonderfully foppish Fermat), Chris Thompson (Daniel Keane) and Carrie Wilshusen (Isaac Newton/Reporter).

Props especially to Ms Cowan, who did a surprising but fitting bluesy number called "Math Widow." She is, professionally, more of a singer than an actress. IMDB tells me that she has appeared in a couple of Carnegie Hall Concerts, including "Mad About the Boy: A 100th Birthday Celebration of the Timeless Words and Music of Noel Coward."

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