24 February 2011

Thirty Years Ago This Week

My American Express sponsored appointment book reminds me that on this week in 1980 the top pop song was "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton.

I'm reminded thereby of an appearance on the Today Show that Dolly Parton made not too long after that sing hit its peak.

Jane Pauley (remember her?) did the interview. Pauley and her guest discussed, mostly, Dollywood, the singer's Tennessee theme park. Pauley asked, among other scintillating questions: "Do people know who you are in that park or do you try to mingle incognito?"

It is not important, best beloved, how Miss Dolly answered that question. What is important -- or at any rate amusing -- is that later in the show, Bryant Gumbel picked up on that.

Gumbel: Jane, you know that you're my partner and I would never second-guess your interviewing, but....

Pauley: But what?

Gumbel: But how, even if she wanted to, would Dolly Parton walk about incognito?

In those innocent days (okay, not so innocent, but silicone or saline insertions weren't at all as common then as they have become) Miss Dolly's profile was very rare.

What struck me was that Pauley acted as if she had never thought of that point. A light dawned in her eyes, and she and Gumbel shared a laugh.

Ah ... memories. And that word has a near-homophone that comes to mind.

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