04 February 2011

Never a Dull Moment

I was in an auto accident on Sunday night of this week.

My car, a wonderful 2006 Toyota Prius that I had taken to calling "Hirohito," is totaled.

My brother was in the passenger's front seat of Hirohito -- I was driving. We were hit on my side of the car (it was the fault of the idiot who ran the red light driving south on Enfield Street -- thanks idiot!), and any chance I might have had to avoid Idiot was eliminated by the huge pile of snow on that corner, cutting off my chance to see anything other than the fact that I had the blooming green light.

Other motorists who saw it stopped to be sure we were okay and stayed to tell the police what they had seen. Which was of course good for me, and good of them. Thanks guys!

If Idiot had been about a half-second slower I could be dead now. He crashed into my car right at the front left side tire, just in front of the driver's-side door and me.

Then idiot pulled to the side of the road, wandered back toward me, and said, "Hey, I had the green light!" On what friggin' planet, Idiot???

Anyway, I'm fine. My brother needed a little medical attention to his knee, but under the circumstances, he's fine too. And what's a car I had owned and made payments on for four and a half years? Only a material thing. Not like I should be resentful or anything.

Such is life on the third rock from the sun.

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Henry said...

You're too nice in calling the other driver an idiot. Red light running, I think, is rarely done out of absent-mindedness; it is usually a deliberate decision to risk one's own and other people's lives. The other driver is more likely a violent criminal, like one who fires bullets in the air not knowing where they will land.

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