01 January 2011


Here's a straightforward list.

1. Take good care of my car. If all goes well, I should complete the payments on "Hirohito" as 2011 comes to an end. I need to keep it maintained properly so it won't die on me before then.

2. Keep up with its insurance, too! Yes, I know that's the law. Doesn't hurt to remind myself in the form of a resolution.

3. Venture outside the boundaries of the U.S. I had gotten spoiled with traveling back in 'the day.' I've remained within the U.S. for each of the last two years. Hope that doesn't becomes a three-year streak. (I love my country -- I just also love travel.)

4. Make progress toward the publication of another book. My last book, the secondary education textbook on economics I co-authored, came out a decade ago. Too long a dry spell.

5. Keep track of Nasser Saber. Will his long-promised book be published in 2011? Am I going to be mentioned therein? I have a feeling in my bones, folks.

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