06 January 2011

Christmas Loot

For Christmas, from my sister (thanks Carolyn) I received a copy of the Collected Poems of Robert Graves, the 1961 edition. Thanks Carolyn.

Robert Graves was a scholar, known in that capacity for his translation of Suetonius' classic, The Twelve Caesars, as well as a novelist, known for his dramatization of Suetonius' work in I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

One wonders what the shade of Suetonius, no doubt wandering about in Limbo, thinks of Graves. Is he grateful for the publicity or does he feel ripped off?

Anyhoo ... the poems have nothing to do with all that. There is a good deal that one might say about these poems on a close reading and I will try to say some of it, as to a couple of them, for tomorrow's entry.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome - glad you liked it!

- Carolyn

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