08 October 2010

Three Matters On My Mind

1. Emma Trincal

An artistically gifted friend of mine, Emma Trincal, is showing her paintings between October 28 and November 4 at Shop Talk Art Gallery, at 35 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Follow your bliss, Emma!

2. Nanotechnology

I have written about nanotechnology in this blog before. In May of this year, I wrote that it has "potentially cosmic implications." It has a lot to do with our fate as a species, and our constant battle with the second law of thermodynamics.

Accordingly, I am happy to note that the Nobel Prize in physics went to nano pioneers this year. Life a glass with Maxwell's demon sitting at your table to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov the thinnest possible flakes of carbon.

3. A New Blog

Seward & Kissel LLP has started what may prove to be a fascinating web destination, the 40 Act Blog. Well, not fascinating to everyone, perhaps, but to the huge portion of the human species that consists of finance regulations wonks.

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