17 October 2010

Helen Thomas

Sorry, Helen, I'm not buying.

Helen Thomas is back in the spotlight, after a summer of silence. Here's the AP story based on an interview with Scott Spears.

Let's review: on May 27, David Nesenoff asked Thomas whether she had anything to say on Israel. She said, "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine." He asked where they should go.

"They should go home."

Where's home, Nesenoff pressed.

"Poland, Germany, and America and everywhere else."

Everybody with even a modest grasp of 20th century history who saw this clip had the same thought. Interesting choice of first two countries to list as possible destinations for dispersing Israelis! There used to be a lot of Jews in Germany and Poland. I'm guessing Helen Thomas knows what happened to them -- she's 90 years old, after all.

Anyway, when the shit hit the fan in June. Thomas apologized. That wasn't enough to save her job, and she quit soon after. Now she is more combative.

She said then "exactly what I thought" she now says. The problem wasn't any bias on her part, but that some unspecified "they" has distorted her remarks. After all, she says, the third country she named on her little list was America. Then she said "everywhere else." So obviously she wasn't talking specifically about Germany and Poland.

Sorry, but that's not distortion. She decided to list three specific countries and the first two out of her mouth were Germany and Poland. There is no room for that kind of crap. She had to go and I wish she (like Mel-the-great-director) would just do a lot of fishing, stay out of the public eye, and spare us the need to point out the thinness of their rationalizations for their garbage and the need to filter out their whining about people who recognize said garbage as such.

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