02 October 2010

Things Starting to Break

After a tricky few months, matters are starting to break my way. I refer here to my personal cash-flow situation. You, dear reader, will have to accept this elliptical reference as sufficient, and fill in the details as your imagination prefers.

Those who know of what I speak won't need me to fill it in. Those who don't know, don't need to know.

At any rate, I have has a very welcome run of good news over the last few days.

I'm inclined to do the most arrogant thing possible, and to imagine that my own situation is a microcosm of that of the planet, or perhaps just of this nation, at large. Perhaps I've had a bit of good luck because cash-flow matters are improving more generally.

And yet ... of course I know better. My own situation is my own. In fact, part of my personal good news stems from my ability to serve as the bearer of rather bad tidings. So I can only hope for an improvement that it might be less egocentric for me to discuss, and better tidings that I might more happily bear.

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