16 April 2010

Pulitzer Prize

One of the Pulitzer Prizes given out earlier this week went to what I consider a very deserving recipient -- that Pro Publica piece on the life-or-death choices that had to be made at a New Orleans hospital in the post-Katrina environment.

Just contemplating the situation makes me sick, and I have nothing but respect for the professionals who had to live through it and deal with it. Prosecutors sought to criminalize their decisions, but a grand jury refused to indict. That is a remarkable story in itself, given the old rule about the indictment of a ham sandwich.

On some of the political sites in this internet thingy, though, there seems to be some unhappiness that the National Enquirer didn't get that award, especially for the investigation that led to the disclosure of John Edwards' dalliance with his campaign videographer, and the child that resulted from same.

One columnist has proposed a special new prize for such stories. Inquiring minds want to know about future prizes!

Anyway: congrats to Sheri Fink and the others involved for their story reviewing the whole matter carefully. Even if it does allow some to yell, "The Pulitzer is for Finks!"

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Henry said...

Perhaps it is good that the National Enquirer didn't get the award because its having gotten it might have encouraged the media to intrude into politicians' private lives even more than they do. I prefer the press' attitude toward JFK's shenanigans. The only time a politicians' adultery, homosexuality, or whatever, should be fair game is when he makes opposition to the practice in which he engages a theme of his politics.

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