03 April 2010

Dumbledore watches mumblecore

Mumblecore. That's a new word for me. I'm told (in the course of a movie review in SLATE yesterday) that mumblecore is a filmic style or genre or something. Jessica Grose, reviewing Greenberg, defines it as "ultra-low budget, often-improvised movies about lost twentysomethings."

You live and learn. Here's the piece in question.

What is a bit more surprising to me than the new word is that these ultra-low budget films are said to have their own "aesthetic." On this point, Grose refers me to an even higher authority, A.O. Scott of The New York Times who in fact says a lot about the lead actress in Greenberg, who comes from a mumblecore background, Greta Gerwig.

Its all too deep for me. But thanks for the new word, folks. "Mumblecore" sounds at first blush like a sort of erotic film -- hard core, soft core, mumblecore. But the two authorities to which I've just linked you both tell us that mumblecore entails a quite casual and de-eroticized nudity.

It also sounds like the sort of film that the head of Hogwarts might enjoy, as the headline of this entry suggests, but I suppose that is a purely fortuitous association.

As they say at an even more august institution of higher learning Faber College, "Knowledge is Good."

Don't you despise bloggers who drop words and phrases like "nudity" and "erotic film" into their posts and then into their labels for the post just to boost hits? Yeah, me too.

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