01 January 2010


My resolutions from last year were as follows:

1. Resume my morning walk.
2. Be more frugal in general, this year. Pay down debts.
3. More specifically, don't leave the US this year (travelling is my most expensive indulgence).
4. Forget about the novel. Focus on production/sale of a non-fiction work on the criminal prosecution of insider trading.
5. Learn some Cantonese.
6. Don't lose glasses.

The results? I did pretty well on (1) -- walking early in most reasonably clement mornings.

I have succeeded with (3), but it is chiefly meaningful as a token of (2), and I can't claim success with (2) in general.

I haven't gotten anywhere with a work on insider trading, so black marks for that.

I didn't learn any Cantonese.

I have hung on to my glasses, but I can't give myself a gold star for that, since one of the two lenses keeps popping out. I need to get a kit and figure out how to fix that for myself when it happens.

It has been my custom at this point to let you in on my resolutions for the coming twelve months. I'm afraid that custom is one I have to bring to an end -- or at least a hiatus -- now. My resolutions for 2010 will have to stay offline. If things do work out, though, I'll tell you about it a year hence.

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