29 January 2010

Ellie Light: Who Cares?

There seems to be a new meme in the blogosphere. The search for Ellie Light. No, I'm not going to link you to examples because I don't want to encourage them.

But just so you know, "Ellie Light" is a name or pseudonym, under which a lot of pro-Obama letters-to-the-editor have run in newspapers around the country. Some folks with nothing better to do are in an uproar, and interogating the name "Ellie Light" for clues as to whom this person really is.

Ellie could stand for Helen? But, wait ... it could also stand for Eleanor! "Light" suggests that the real surname might be "Power" or "Powers" since you need the power to keep your lights on.

And if you play the record backwards, it says, "I buried Paul." Okay, I'm old. I actually remember those theories.


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Henry said...

I never heard of this meme, and, taking your advice, I do not plan to google for it. But perhaps "Ellie" is "L.E."

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