24 July 2008

The wardrobe malfunction

The FCC recently lost a high profile case. CBS got the fine rescinded on the so-shocking display of one of Janet Jackson's nipples.

"Miss Jackson if you're nasty."

So what? So ... nothing, really. It was all just a lot of sound and fury. Which is the only good reason for mentioning it now. How much of the sound and fury of today's discussion will soon likewise invoke the reflex yawns that this story probably does for most of us today?

From now on a wardrobe malfunction is to me just a plot development in a C.S. Lewis novel, nothing more.

Actually, that "wardrobe" functions unfailingly. I suppose, though, that if a child wanted to travel to Narnia, and upon walking through the wardrobe with that goal found himself in Oz ... THAT would be a wardrobe malfunction!

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