25 July 2008

Oswald's son

Okay Max, please sue me.

Max Mosley is trying to let the world know that although, yes, he did have an orgy with prostitutes, Nazism was not involved in any way.

He's won a lawsuit against a Murdoch run operation, "News of the World," which apparently claimed that the orgy involved Nazi costumes and role playing. Judge David Eady says that the tabloid must pay Mosley 60,000 pounds.

The accounts I've seen, which are admittedly second hand, indicate that he didn't win on the basis of libel, but rather on that of invasion of privacy.

So here are some questions for anyone who knows the law in the UK. Isn't the solicitation of prostitutes illegal? And if it is illegal, and a very public person engages in it (Mosley is the president of the agency that governs Formula One racing): what sense does it make to say that it is protected by a right to privacy? Is this ruling a precedent that will effectively legalize prostitution, and/or the solicitation thereof? Or is it just another lamentable example of the muzzling of the press?

And, for those who don't recognize the family name, there is a reason why it might be especially interesting to the public in the UK to learn (if it is true) that that Max Mosley has a Nazism fetish.

Max is the son of Oswald Mosley, the man who founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932.

Oswald married Diana Mitford, Max's mother, in 1936. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels were guests at that wedding.

The fact that Max is in a position of some prominence himself, combined with the family connection, may make some wonder how far from the tree this particular apple has fallen.

In other words, I think the court was misguided in ruling in his favor, though I'm open to further relevant facts and considerations. And please, Mr. Mosley, sue me.

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