14 March 2008

Two Henry Roths

One Henry Roth, the real one, was the author of CALL IT SLEEP, a novel set in the world of Jewish immigrants to New York, 1934.

Here's a bit from it. "Aunt Bertha's customary verve and impudence had vanished, and with it her boisterous manner that was part of her even when she spoke quietly. But though her lips drooped and she seemed to address her words to the floor, dully, falteringly, there was still a remnant of stubborn, blunt defiance in her tone and the way she jerked her head."

The other Henry Roth, the fictional one, is also a writer. He's a character in a sappy movie, a chick-flick romantic comedy, called DEDICATION, which you can read about here and watch at your leisure.

But dont' bother. Get a copy of CALL IT SLEEP instead.

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