09 March 2008

One Year at Blogspot

Pragmatism Refreshed has been part of the blogspot landscape for a full year now. Imagine me making noise with my party favors. L'Chaim!

I've had an idea about my long-stalled civil war novel. I don't really have to write it in such a way that history comes out "right." There's a rich tradition of alternative history novels, after all. I'm not really thinking of joining the alt-history ranks, except perhaps as a sort of frame story, but I think it would work in that capacity.

Imagine this, then, as an opening sentence: "Do you know why the confederates changed their minds? Why they never did fire on Fort Sumter?"

That would commit me to include in the heart of the book some subtle variation from history which would explain that final change of heart, but would also allow me to explore the antebellum era much as I've been attempting.

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