06 August 2007

Overstock: Pathetic

An amusing site called hedgefunnies ran a photo of a "naked short seller" recently.


This is amusing, at any rate, to those of us who have followed the controversy over "naked short selling" and the central role of Overstock boss, Patrick Byrne, therein.


But Mr. Byrne and his fans, including one Judd Bagley, Overstock's Director of Communications, have been rather nasty about this. Either they don't have much of a sense of humor or they really have no business plan OTHER than to silence any critics. So they've gone after the proprietor of the hedgefunnies site in a big way.

He's a 19 year young man, so this means, say, critiquing his high school via wikipedia. Yes, High School. Does that sound petty? Yes, I think so too.

I'll save myself some typing. Here's more.


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