31 August 2007

Oleg Deripaska

Things are rolling ahead for a deal in which Russian mogul Oleg Deripaska will buy the Canadian auto parts concern Magna International. The European Commission has approved, [why is the EC ruling on a deal involving chiefly Russian and Canadian firms? Ah, the wonders of globalization!], as have Magna's shareholders, and a Canadian court.

The deal is that Deripaska's firm, Russian Machines, will buy US$1.54 billion in Magna's stock. When the smoke clears, OD through Russian Machines and another company he controls, Stronach Trust, will control 70% of the target's voting shares.

Also, the Toronto Stock Exchange has given its approval to the issuance and listing of the new voting shares the arrangement requires.

Why should you care? Recall that this spring, when Daimler was auctioning off its Chrysler division, Magna was a serious bidder. Deripaska was already then in the market for contgrol of Magna. Although Magna didn't get Chrysler, the fact that the Deripaska deal went forward anyway does illustrate a continuing story of great significance, the consolidation of the automotive and related industries.


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