23 August 2007

A Few Days Without Blogging

I don't anticipate making any further posts here until Wednesday, August 29. I'm certain that even my more ardent fans can hang on without me.

While I'm on an autobiographical note, let me mention also that I recently had some tissue from my back biopsied. This was the 'second round' of such biopsies. The first, in the late spring, resulted in negative lab results.

So far as we know, then, I don't have anything on my back less healthy than ugly moles. Still, the dermatologist wanted to do a second round (and, has, I fear, left open the possibility of a third round down the round) to be sure, and to bill my insurer.

I'm reminded somehow of the old SCTV character, Tommy Shanks, whose televised talks to Mellonville as Mayor also took a rambling memoirist turn. While purportedly speaking about gun control, he said, "I heard on the radio the other day that there are as many guns in North America as there are baseball cards. I couldn't help but wonder: where do they come up with facts like that?" This was the sum of his discussion of 'gun control.'

I wonder that, too, mayor. About a lot of things. But nowadays the blogosphere generates endless comparisons of everything to everything else, quicker than the poppings of the wood in your fireplace.

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