10 May 2012

Past the So

Looking at a novel by Tony Hillerman, COYOTE WAITS.

In terms of genre, this is a police procedural.

The police involved are the Navajo Tribal Police. They’ve since become known as the Navajo Nation Police, but this book was written in 1990, so I gather that was still the right name then.

It isn’t well written. Here is a sample of the dialog:

“You’re late, she said. “You said an hour. The cops already made me move twice.”

“It was you who said, and you said an hour and a half or so,” Chee said. “By Navajo time it is now just a tiny bit past the so.”

Yuck yuck yuck.


By the way, the above illustration has nothing to do with police procedurals as a genre, but it is the logo of my d/b/a identity: Enfield Editorial Service.

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