17 February 2012

Ticked Off

I am not a happy camper. Staples has their "techie desk," and a month ago I had them diagnose for me why this computer had no audio.

Regular readers may recall that one of my new years' resolutions was: "Regarding technology: enter the 21st century. For example, get audio back for my computer. Get Skype capacity for it. Learn how to use -- heck, become comfortable using -- my scanner."

Anyway, mid-January, I went to the local Staples for the diagnosis. They told me its a simple matter -- the old "audio card" is kaput, they need a new one. At this point they made it seem as if I could expect the new audio card any hour. By the nonce, I left the computer in their care.

After the first day went by, I told them I needed the computer back, sound or no sound.  But I left money on deposit with them so they could do whatever they had to do to get the part and give me a call.

More days go back, and January gives way to February. They start telling me that supply problems were created by the tsunamai in Japan, the flood in Thailand, every damn thing.

Last Thursday (Feb. 9th) they told me that their wholesaler, who is only about 40 miles away from them, expected to have the card the following day, so they'd probably have it Saturday.

On Monday (Feb. 13th) they couldn't explain to me what had happened to that card, but they were sure trying hard to get me one, you betcha.

On Wednesday (Feb. 15th) they told me that they had a firm date.  February 21.  Next Tuesday.  A month after the diagnosis. I'm not sure how they can be "firm" about this, if they couldn't accurately ascertain what was happening 40 miles away last week.  But hey ... patience ain't just the alter ego of Catwoman.

I'll let you know how it goes next week.

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