24 February 2012

From my calender

Still no friggin' sound card.  This is really ticking me off.  But for now let's forget about this, and focus on something amusing.

As I've mentioned, my day-to-day calender this year features a joke each day, taken from the long tenure of Johnny Carson at The Tonight Show.

I'll share three of these today.

On September 20, 1972, he told of a trip he had made to Hollywood Boulevard.  "So I was roaming around up there, and a nice elderly lady stopped me, and she said, 'Did you know, that in Los Angeles, a woman gets molested every sixty seconds?' I said, Well, what do you want me to do about it?' She said, 'You got a minute?'"

On September 26, 1973, Johnny told his audience:  "I found out an interesting fact about Tommy Newsom [a saxophone player in the NBC orchestra]. He's a great musician but not the most exciting man to be around. When he was a kid he didn't have to have his appendix taken out -- it left of its own accord."

On April 2, 1976 there was a bit of an archeology lesson.  "Three thousand years ago they didn't even have any toothbrushes to clean your teeth. Egyptian dentists just took you out during a sandstorm and made you smile."

Wooka wooka wooka.

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