05 November 2011

"Points of light"

I've just been skimming, for no especially good reason, through a conspiratorialist book written in the late 1980s.

You may remember the late 1980s. The elder Bush in the White House. 

Conspiracy theorists of course typically seize on whatever is in the headlines and spin it into a freemason plot or whatever.  When those things drop out of the headlines, these writings can become dated quickly. 

Thus, the conspiracy book in qustion diud what it could with the expression "a thousand points of light" used by George H.W. Bush in his campaign in 1988.  Aha!  similar expressions were used by Masons and Illuminati and so forth.  It's all part of the "New Age New World Order"!

Yes, except, a "point of light" is a quite common expression, likely to have occurred to anyone who has ever looked at the night sky. Not evidence of any link except that we all do live under the night sky.

Phony pointless expressions of erudition don't make for understanding.  Oops, I just used the word "point" as a metaphor didn't I?  I guess the jig is up.

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