09 December 2010

UConn in the Fiesta Bowl!

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, as I have mentioned here before, the University of Connecticut Huskies football team defeated their Big East rival Syracuse putting themselves in position for a bowl game bid.

But at the time I described their bowl eligibility as still a "long shot."

They've pulled it off, though! On Saturday of the long Thanksgiving weekend, they defeated Cincinnati. The week after that, they beat the South Florida Bulls in an exciting game that ended 19-16, after Dave Teggart's 52 yard field goal broke a tie.

As Casey Keefe wrote on the CBS Sports website, "It's unfathomable to think how far Connecticut football has come."

They are the champs of the Big East conference, and headed for the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona on New Year's Day 2011.

As some of you know, I live a stone's throw from the state line and spend a lot of time on the northern side of said line. So it seems only fair to ask: how did the U.Mass Minutemen do this season?

Well ... they sure aren't in a major bowl game! Nah-nah. The Minutemen are part of the Colonial conference. They ended the season this year with a 4-4 record within that conference, a 6-5 record overall.

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