25 November 2010

UConn Beat Syracuse

With all due respects to the Pilgrims, to the traditional sentiments of harvest time, and to expressions of gratitude, both cosmic and local, Thanksgiving Day for some of us constitutes chiefly the center of the football season -- its culmination for high schools, and the college games that serve as a natural lead-in to the wonders of the bowl-game season.

Allow me, then, to express my own gratitude to the fates for bringing Coach Edsall to the helm of the football program of the University of Connecticut.

The Huskies won in convincing fashion against the Orangemen of Syracuse last weekend: 23 to 6. In the Carrier Dome, yet. This makes three wins in a row and puts the Huskies in a tie for second place in the Big East (behind Pitt, even with West Virginia).

Huskies have two more conference games. One is at home, this weekend, Saturday, against Cincinnati. The week after that, they play an away game, vis the South Florida Bulls.

The Huskies are now eligible for a bowl game bid, but still somewhat long-shots to get one, given the shaky start they got this season. But we can hope.

Oddly, there was a fair amount of talk before the UConn-Syracuse game of what great friends the two coaches are. Well, I guess the use of that story line itself reflects the genial biases of this time of year.

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