21 November 2010

Plagiarism Scandal in the Phillippines

The Supreme Court of the Phillippines recently ordered the whole of the faculty of the University of the Phillippines Law School to show cause why they shouldn't be sanctioned. What was this awful thing the facilty did en masse? It criticized a member of that bench -- calling out one of the Justices who had plagiarized from a foreign source in an opinion.

President Benigno Aquino III sensibly has jumped into this debate on the side of the faculty members in a speech at the alumni homecoming of their institution.

"Those in high positions shouldn’t intimidate or threaten persons who only want to freely express their own opinion and come out with the truth. This practice that has already been there from way back should not be used to cover up the sins of those who have wandered into the crooked path,” he said.

Well said.

Since I'm a safe distance away from repurcussions, allow me to say that the plagiarist at issue,. the one hiding behind his friends and official position so no one will call him out on his intellectual laziness, is by name Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo.

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