27 August 2010

Chinese Track Star on the Comeback Trail

Two years ago at about this time the Olympics were underway in China, and I wrote an entry here about the host country's track-and-field star, Liu Xiang, who surprisingly withdrew from the men's 110 meter hurdles.

Just one year ago about this time I wrote a follow-up. Despite early conspiracy theories, Liu's injuries of 2008 had turned out to be real enough to have kept him out of competition entirely during the intervening period.

So: what is up with Liu now?

I am happy to report that he is backin active competition. Last November, he raced at the Asian Athletics Championships in Guangzhou, China, taking gold in the 110 meter hurdles. The following month he again took gold in games held in Hong Kong.

In May of this year, he participated in the Diamond League Games, in his hometown of Shanghai. I have no idea whether he came in first or last or anywhere in between in his signature event there.

Now he is somewhere in the US for medical treatment on the crucial foot. I wish him well, and hereby appoint him the official track-and-field star of this blog.

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