06 August 2010

The Changing Nature of Micro-Lending

SKS Microfinance closed its initial public offering on Monday, August 2. It appears to have been a big success.

That, in turn, has set off some hand-wringing.

I can't really wrap my head around this controversy.

There are developments underway in the world of "microfinance" that make some of the pioneers in the field very unhappy. That much I get.

Is it the case that one person's "micro-financier" is another person's loan shark?

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Allen said...

in relation to a 2009 post on the book Ugly Americans;

i just finished reading the book Ugly Americans and was fascinated by it to the point i had to research all events and dates. With the internet now it was quite easy.

i find it a little disapointing that the big reshuffle of the Nikkei 225, where John made his 50M$ for himself, happened on April 24 2000.
as for the PCCW joining the Hang Seng index, it happened om Aug 9, 2000.

links here;



still a good story overall...



and John was not 27 y/o, if you read correctly through the book, he was 30 when he met the writer of the book, started 3rd year university in 1992 when he went for the football trip to Tokyo, was 22 y/o when he moved to Japan, was becoming a trader for Carney's hedge fund at the age of 24 y/o in 1995.
So he was 29 y/o in 2000 when he made his bundles$$$

August 6, 2010 1:46 PM

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