10 June 2010

A Revival of "Evita"

This might be worth seeing.

Alas, these things are never known until they happen -- until opening night! And in this case, Opening Night on Broadway for the show "Evita," which was such a hit in London from the late 1970s through the first half of the 1980s, will take place in 2012 at the earliest.

Tim Rice lent his words to Andrew Lloyd Webber's music. In London, Elaine Paige was the title character, Joss Ackland was Juan Peron, and David Essex was Che.

"Che" was originally conceived as a generic Greek chorus type figure. Though the choice of name was not accidental, he was not supposewd to be too tightly linked to the historical Che Guevara. Nonetheless, that is how Essex chose to play him.

Fans of Second City Television will remember this parody.

God bless Andrea Martin.

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