04 June 2010

Boyd's New Blog

Roddy Boyd has begun a new blog The Financial Investigator. I expect he will have much of interest to say there.

For the uninitiated, Boyd has written on business/financial issues for both the NEW YORK POST and FORTUNE.

On p. 169 of Sauer's recent book on short selling and the SEC, Boyd's name is misprinted. He becomes "Roddy Body." Misprint notwithstanding, I suggest people read the passage. Boyd made the phone call no one else would make, and added a piece to the puzzle of ongoing debate about short-and-distort tactics, etc.

Boyd's newest venture has already attracted a fair amount of attention. For example, here is the write up in Big Money.

Here it is in Business Insider.

And here is the 'talking' from Talking Biz News.

His first entry concerns SpongeTech Delivery Systems, who deserve to be remembered for a sexy-girl- washing-car video. God knows the world needs more of those. But, alas, they will probably be remembered for false SEC filings, fraudulent press releases, and such.

Good job, Mr. Boyd, and keep these stories coming.

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