12 September 2008

Spector's Retrial scheduled for October

I haven't been following the legal proceedings with regard to the once-renowned record producer Phil Spector and the death of Lana Clarkson.

I did follow the trial last year, and the more retentive of you may recall that I wrote some posts on it here. The upshot was that the jurors couldn't reach a verdict, and the judge dismissed them last September.

Here's a link to what the BBC had to say about it at the time.

The latest, though, is that after a lot of manuveuring it appears the re-trial will commence in October.

The re-trial is never as much trashy fun as the original.

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Sprocket said...

Hello Christoper,

I attended about 90% of the first trial and will be attending the second. I agree that Spector 2 will not be as interesting as Spector 1. Besides, the real "celebrity," Dominick Dunne won't be in the courtroom for round 2.

Looking forward to your take on the proceedings.

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