04 September 2008

Not in real time

This and the next few posts have been prepared in advance.

I'm traveling and won't be spending a lot, if any, time on the net. So this and the next seven posts on this blog were actually composed days ago. It's neat how blogger lets me pre-schedule the day and time of posting.

Allow me today [?] to recommend to you a recent work of military/social history,

LENINGRAD: State of Siege, by Michael Jones.

Mr. Jones is a fellow of the World Historical Society, and this is his fourth book. Each of his four books has focused on a particular battle, two of them medieval (Bosworth and Agincourt). He is also the author of STALINGRAD: How the Red Army Triumphed.

He's made quite a jump, then, from writing about 15th century battles at the western end of Europe to writing about 20th century battles in its east.

I haven't read the other three but his latest is a rippin' good yarn.

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