02 August 2008

Changes and Valedictions

I'm facing some changes in my life just now. The vinyard in which I have toiled professionally is closing. Or, strictly speaking, it will hereafter be a place for the display of grapes, not for their actual growth.

This is a corporate decision made by the sort of high muckety-mucks whose work consists of re-writing organizational charts when two large corporations merge. I, as a long-time proponent of capitalism in all of its glory, am happy to accede to such consequences, even if it should create a valedictory mood.

Perhaps the old vinyard had become too comfortable and it is time to try to find something else.

In the meantime, I'll continue my usual practice in this blog, which is with rare exceptions not to talk about myself but to talk about the rest of the world, in the expectations that our interests are more likely to coincide there than in acts of solipsism.

Hale and farewell, then, old vinyard.

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Anonymous said...

I hope it all works out for you. These situations have a way of turning out to be a net positive if approached with an optimistic attitude. Good luck!

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