15 October 2007


I drove to Vermont Saturday with a friend to see what we could see of the colorful leaves of October.

What sticks in my mind is that we spent some time in Springfield, Vermont, the town that hosted the Simpsons premier.

The Simpsons, as you probably know, is a cartoon television show that takes place in a "Springield" of no definite state. See my August 2 blog entry for a description of the movie. The point to retain for now is that the clues that the series (and the movie) provide to the location of its Springfield are famously contradictory. Still, Springfield Vermont hosted the movie premier, and it is still celebrating.


Its got a statue out in front of a building that may be townhall, of a hand (Homer's, presumably) holding a donut with sprinkles and a bite in it.

Also, the restaurant we stopped at for a cup of coffee has Simpsons-themes menus.

Another point sticks to mind: the difficulty of finding decent radio stations while driving through the Green Mountains. When I tired of statis, I put on my CD of the songs of the musical "Spelling Bee," which I'm afraid my leaf-peeping partner disliked.

See my April 12 entry for what I like about that musical.

Still, by the time we got back into Massachusetts it was possible to get a decent signal from radio stations we could both listen to with pleasure.

And that will conclude this travelogue.

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VTvid said...

Not all of us in Springfield, Vermont are still celebrating. I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. All of us were high as a kite the day we won the contest. But then our local Chamber of Commerce turned their backs on us. We should have been the first in town on the invitation list for the world premiere but instead they gave our seats to the more elite members of the community. And not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater.

Seems like we were more appreciated on the internet so I have created a website of our own. Please visit:
The Simpsons Springfield Vermont

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