03 October 2007


If the title to this blog entry doesn't make you yawn, if you think there might be something brilliant or original in the idea of a "painting about painting," then this story might suit you:

But if it DOES make you yawn, consider this instead. In an episode of The Simpsons, the bartender Moe re-models his bar to appeal to the fashionable crowd. Along with other odd furnishing in the new Moes's, there's a television set hanging from the wall that shows an unblinking eye.

Homer asks Moe, "What's with the eye?" setting up the following brilliant dialog.

Moe: "Its' a pomo thing."

Homer: (Baffled expression on face) "Pomo?"

Moe: "Post-modern"

Homer is now silent, the baffled expression remains, Moe breaks the silence.

Moe: "Weird for the sake of weird."

Homer: "Ahhhhh!"


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm intrested to read the story but the link is invalid. Can you check if possible and post the correct link ?

Christopher said...

I don't know why, but this seems generally to be the case here, that the links don't work when you click. But if you just copy and paste it into your web browser it will get you to the story.

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