16 June 2012

New Lions for the Chariot

Starting next week, this blog will have a new name and URL.

I believe I know why it has become so difficult to post on this blog in recent weeks. I've just been doing it too long.

My new blog will have the name, "Jamesian Philosophy Refreshed." That's a better name: it is the philosophy of William James I most admire, not "pragmatism" in the broader and narrower sense. Aspects of James' philosophy that don't come under that label do come within the scope of my admiration, and various pragmatists who had views at odds with James' -- less so.

I hope and expect to see you all on the other side.

I'll try to leave one final blog at this dysfunctional site, tomorrow.  I may need some lions to pull my chariot forward, though.

1 comment:

ciceronianus said...

That damn Rorty gave Pragmatism a bad name. I prefer Dewey, myself, but will be watching.

Knowledge is warranted belief -- it is the body of belief that we build up because, while living in this world, we've developed good reasons for believing it. What we know, then, is what works -- and it is, necessarily, what has worked for us, each of us individually, as a first approximation. For my other blog, on the struggles for control in the corporate suites, see www.proxypartisans.blogspot.com.