15 March 2012

Recent books on microeconomics

These three books are taken from an Elgar catalog, their new titles on "Industrial & Labor Economics."

I haven't read any of them, this is just a marker indicating that works continues on important microeconomic issues, and any of these books may over time prove its importance.

Killian J. McCarthy at al., eds., The Nature of the New Firm: Beyond the Boundaries of Organizations and Institutions.

A blurb from Nicolai Foss, of Copenhagen Business School, observes that at present hierarchies are flattening due to information and communications technology and the boundaries of firms are shrinking "under the impact of outsourcing and viable relational contrracting." Thus, new work is necessary on "the mechanics and manifestations of this process."

Eirik G. Furubotn and Rudolf Richter, eds., , The New Institutional Economics of Markets
The introduction to this book, written by the above named editors of the collection of essays, can be read free online, here.

Bart Nooteboom, A Cognitive Theory of the Firm: Learning, Governance and Dynamic Capabilities

In this case, I offer a link to a review, written by Howard Doughty -- who, it appears, has read the book.

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