01 January 2012


Last year my New Year's Resolutions were straightforward. I have achieved four out of five of them.

1. I promised to take good care of my car. Well, I did, although the "car" involved in that resolution changed through no fault of my own!  An idiot ran a red light in February and ruined my old Toyota.  But it was in great shape right up to that moment, and I've done a fine job thus far with its replacement.

2. Keep up with the insurance on car.  Done. 

3. Venture outside of the borders of the U.S. Oops. Never got that done in 2011.  I did get as far as Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, though. 

4. Make progress toward the publication of another book.  This, I've accomplished. I've accepted the fact that the publication of this book will have to be self-financed, but that is more of an observation on the state of the commercial publishing world today than on the merits of my book. At any rate, I've come to a point where the wording of the corresponding resolution for next year will be unconditional.

5. Keep track of Nassar Saber.  Done.  He is still writing about how he is working on his next book.  Maybe 2012 will be the year it actually comes out.  But I've decided not to include such tracking on my next list.

This year....

1. Get my car ("Doug") through December 2012 in good working order

2. Make an entrepreneurial investment. Shouldn't just talk a good game on the anarcho-cap stuff.

3. Regarding technology: enter the 21st century.  For example, get audio back for my computer. Get Skype capacity for it. Learn how to use -- heck, become comfortable using -- my scanner.

4.  Publish GWBCs and sell at least 1,000 copies.

5. Venture outside the borders of the U.S.

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