20 May 2011

Link Farming

Because there is no such thing as gluttony in re: food for thought.

1. Thomas de Quincey considered it a grave complaint against John Locke that he died a peaceful death at an advanced age.

2. The Onion has some fun with the reputation of Navy SEALs.

3. Here's some biology re: the other sort. How does one estimate their age?

4. Those wonderful Taiwanese animators are on the case of M. Strauss-Kahn.

5. $3,000 a night for the room? Who paid? Some thoughts on that subject.

6. Alas, it now appears there won't be a long protracted bidding war for control of the NYSE's parent corporation. Darn. Bidding wars are kind of fun for the spectators. (Okay, the wonky spectators.)

7. Philosophy. A kitchen table is a kind of "table." The tide table that helps you decide when you should go to the beach is also a kind of table. Does that mean kitchen tables and tide tables have something in common, the essence tableness? What about "being"? Discuss.

8. Rene Descartes' thoughts on the sort of subjects that we would
call physics, astronomy, geology....

9. And a biography of the fellow.

By the way, my bet is that the world won't end tomorrow, and nobody will be raptured.

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