23 April 2011

Not Scott Adams!!!

I'm a huge fan, But this news rather dismayed me.

Scott Adams is the wonderfully talented creator of "Dilbert." I am a fan not only of that strip but of some of Adams' other writings, as I've established on this blog by regularly employing his list of "tomorrow's headlines."

That has no very close connection to this ... Adams has described evolution as an established fact. But he has also said he expects the notion of "time" will be radically re-formulated in our lifetimes, and that the overthrow of any theory about biological evolution will be one consequence of that. This gives him an interestingly bifurcated view of the subject.

Who cares what a cartoonist thinks about evolution, or for that matter about the physics of time? Well ... nobody much.

Anyway, the minor brou-ha-ha about Adams' sock puppetry came to my attention because I checked Felix Salmon's blog Monday morning and saw this.

So I've been thinking about Adams, and this has led me in turn to think some more about evolution.

Insert some clever joke about the evolution of sock puppets here.

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