17 March 2011

March Madness: First Thoughts

As an alum, I'm happy to report that on the women's side of March Madness, the Marist Red Foxes won the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, and with it, won an automatic bid to the NCAA.

Erica Allenspach, a senior, was the stand-out for the Red Foxes in their victory over Loyola on Monday, March 7th.

On the men's side, alas, Marist has not had an outstanding year. They did get to the quarterfinals of the MAAC Tournament (which took place in Harbor Yard, Bridgeport this year), only to fall to the Fairfield University Stags. [Are the Fairfield women's teams called Does?]

Anyway, let's cheer on the Marist women, who'll play Iowa State in their first-round game.

And, of course, both U.Conn. teams. The Lady Huskies look like plausible victors in a three-peat. They play an in-state rival, the Hartford Hawks, in their first round game.

The U.Conn Men are the #3 seed in the west region. They play their first round game against the 14th seeded Bucknell Bison this evening. Calhoun was reportedly thrilled at this seeding. The way they ended their year, with that great streak against some tough teams, must have pushed them up in the esteem of the committee considerably.

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