08 July 2010

Philosopher's World Cup

Spain has defeated Germany, setting up a Spain-versus-Holland match for the World Cup Championship.

Here is something else that Spain has going for it of late.

Anyway, Spain defeated Germany 1 - 0, which as my sister reminded me is probably a tribute to the great Spanish philosophers Maimonides and Averroes. Or, would be, if this were the Philosopher's Cup familiar to Monty Python fans.

Maimonides will try to guide you right if you are "perplexed" by the rules of the sport, or even the question of whether to call it soccer.

Averroes is your guy if you suspect that we are all thre same beneath the skin. He'll use the one-and-only "active intellect" as he maneuvers past the opposition.

They'll have to contend with the tough Dutch, who recently defeated Uruguay, due of course to the midfield of Spinoza and Brouwer, with Erasmus I think tending goal.

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