11 March 2010

Our Anniversary

As of this week, Pragmatism Refreshed has been on blogspot for three years.

We're just basking in the anniversary glow here at PR headquarters.

Now let's begin our fourth year together with a big cheer for the movie "The Hurt Locker," and its Oscar wins. I wasn't all that impressed when I saw the movie, frankly, but it is very likely there is much I missed and that would impress me better on a second viewing, which I am willing to give it some time soon.

Who among my readers saw The Hurt Locker? What were your impressions? I'd love to read them here.

Reportedly Kathryn Bigelow, who won the Best Director Award for helming this movie, will next be working on something called "Triple Frontier," for Paramount. It's an action-adventure thing set in the area where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil all meet, by screenwriter Mark Boal.


SIferryguy said...

I loved it. The editing was a good balance between the bomb disassembly tensions in the micro, and the uncertainties of the macro scene- without seeming to bang you over the head.Did you catch Jeremy Renner mugging like Popeye as he put on the bomb suit?
It was a movie that could be perceived as sympathetic to the bias of the viewer, for or against the war.
Separately, Did you decide on an Ereader? In reviewing my note to you I didn't answer your 'Kindle or Nook' question. Kindles don't play well with others. You can only buy books from Amazon. B&N Nooks read an industry standard format- they play well with many ebooksellers.
A special note- University of Chicago Press offers a free ebook per month if you get on their email list. They offer imaginative purchase models too. Check it out.
Russ Jackson

Christopher said...


Thanks. For both the movie advice and the eReader help. I'm nearing a decision.

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