19 October 2008

A lunch, and Anne Hutchinson

A friend and I had lunch this Friday with an author's group in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Why? Well ... as I mentioned in this August entry I have a way-too-unwieldy manuscript sitting around that is meant to be a novel. In recent weeks I've formulated a plan to get the ms into publishable shape, by trimming and re-writing it in the YA model.

The lunch meeting's authors involved those with YA experience and success, and I was happy to hear from them. I've since ordered three of their books.

One of the authors there was Jeannine Atkins, the author of Anne Hutchinson's Way.

I'm especially curious to see how that one is written. It involves I have to expect not just the conveyance of events, an adventuresome narrative, but the conveyance of the ideas. What the events were all about to the participants.

Anne Hutchinson was exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her antinomian theological opinions.

Booklist says, "Atkins is able to take the issue of religious freedom and make it personal ... this offers something solid for children, especially those studying early American history."

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