01 June 2008

Wright & Pfleger

Barack Obama's campaign has confirmed that he has left Trinity United Church of Christ, where he has worshipped for more than 20 years.

Two months ago, YouTube snippets of a sermon by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright there seemed briefly about to derail Obama's campaign. Fortunately for him, Hillary Clinton then drew attention away from the matter by inventing an easily falsified story about airport sniper fire.

More recently, Rev. Michael Pfleger, a former adviser on the Obama campaign's Catholic advisory council, delivered what wire service reports are calling a " racially-fueled tirade," from the same podium against Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I don't think Pfleger said anything out-of-line, from what I've heard. He said that HRC feels entitled, and that the whiteness of her skin is part of her sense of entitlement. I think that's right, or very likely right, and at any rate no very good reason for Obama to leave his favored place for the worship of God.

But, obviously, that's his call. Not mine. It's simply worth noting here because it's Sunday. Perhaps if we are to try to draw any deep conclusion from such stuff, it should be this: where we worship isn't important. God doesn't care all that much about the where. If we attach ourselves and our worship to a particular where, we are diminishging Him.

So if politics has pushed Obama to detach himself from one worship-where to another, it may have done him a spiritual favor.

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