03 May 2008

The Path of the Olympic Torch

Here, just in case you're wondering, is a selective chronology of the Olympic torch's meandering progress toward Beijing.

March 24, the lighting ceremony in Greece, followed by six days of relays within that country, before the torch bearer flies to Russia. The final day's events have to be cut short due to Tibet-related protests.

April 6, Britain. The first major disruption as the flame is passing through London. Bobbies make 37 arrests.

April 9, the US. Authorities make a last-minute change in the route through San Francisco (the only US city visited) in order to confuse protestors.

April 10, The president of the IOC dismisses suggestions that the relay be curtailed.

April 13, Tanzania, The only stop on the continent of Africa. Itinerary takes torch through the capital city, Dar es Salaam. No incidents.

April 17, India. At least 170 Tibetan monks are arrested near the relay route in New Delhi.

April 22, Indonesia. The torch paraded at an invitation-only event in Jakarta held under very heavy security. It sputters out and has to be re-lit.

April 26, Japan. There are scuffles in the ski-resort town of Nagano, where more than 85,000 people packed the streets, and at least 4 people were injured, despite the presence of 3,000 police.

May 2, China. Flame arrives at the destination country (though there's a good deal of travelling ahead for it.) Hong Kong.

May 3, Macau. (This was yesterday, as I'm typing these words on the other side of the date line from Macau.) No disruptions -- the torch was guarded through Macau by two columns of paramilitary police. Spectators chanting "Go China."

The flame is scheduled to visit Tibet in the middle of June. That may be interesting.


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