04 June 2007

Henry Lee

Dr. Henry Lee, Connecticut's favorite son in the world of forensic science, has acquired something of a resume stain in the Phil Spector trial.

Here's a resume of that resume.

Chief Emeritus, Division of Scientific Services
Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Public Safety
Chief Criminalist, State of Connecticut
Director, Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory
Professor, Forensic Science Program, University of New Haven
Research Scientist, New York University Medical Center
Captain, Taipei Police Headquarters, Taiwan

But Larry Fidler, the presiding judge in the trial of Phil Spector has concluded that Lee hid or destroyed evidence pertinent to Lana Clarkson's death. The judge in that case concluded that Lee hid or destroyed evidence from the scene of an actress's death, evidence that the prosecution contends was potentially damaging to the music producer's case.

Lee, who has testified in the trials of O.J. Simpson and William Kennedy Smith, who has consulted in the matter of JonBenet Ramsey, who has posted an 85 page (85 page!)resume on his web site, is now alleged to have taken something (something small and white -- a piece of a tooth?) from the Spector/Clarkson crime scene.

I understand that the defense still intends to call Lee as an expert witness, and the prosecution will then get to introduce the same evidence that seems to have persuaded Fidler of some wrong-doing on his part, in front of the jury.

Here, by the way, is that 85 page resume's URL. http://www.drhenrylee.com/about/dr_lee_cv_resume.pdf

I doubt that Lee did anything intentionally wrong. But even if he just pocketed something he shouldn't, this could hurt him. Fewer celebrity trial appearance in the future


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