07 May 2007

A Bit of a Tooth

Prosecutors are now charging that one of Phil Spector's former lawyers may have removed evidence from a crime scene.

The defense contends that Lana Clarkson's death was some combination of accident and suicide -- she put the gun in her own mouth and pulled the trigger, perhaps in the belief that it wasn't loaded.

That contention means that "splatter evidence" may be crucial to this trial, so a bit of a tooth found at the crime scene (all accounts are calling it a fingernail-sized piece of tooth) is important in itself even aside from the general principle that any tampering with a crime scene smacks of obstruction of justice.

The allegation -- that Sara Caplan (apparently an experienced and well-regarded attorney) pilfered this bit of tooth -- comes from a law clerk at Caplan's firm. Caplan denies it.

My guess is that Caplan is probably innocent, simply because that just seems such a blatant and high-risk thing for someone in her position to attempt. Why would the clerk say it, then? I don't know. I would presume innocent misunderstanding.

Though I think Caplan innocent, I'm sure her former client is guilty of murder, and I suppose on balance I'm happy the prosecution is taking an aggressive stance.

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